Music Therapy on Vinyl with Walmart

"Girl put your records on.  Tell me your favorite song.  You go ahead, let your hair down."
- Corrine Bailey Rae -
Music has always been a major part of my life highlighting those special moments....

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My Housewarming Party + Why You Should Hire My DJ for Your Next Event

The process of buying a home is so stressful on it's own but throw in life's curveballs and well I was ready to pull out my hair and call it quits by the end of it....

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Enter to Win my Beauty and Fashion Blogger Media Kit Giveaway

I can't believe we are officially live!  I'm so incredibly proud of this new site and how it reflects the experience I want each and every one of you to have when you visit the new and improved Musings of a Curvy Lady....

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Real Talk :: Confessions of WOC Content Creators

Back in February I went to New York to have a conversation with some of my fellow women of color content creators.  ...

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