How to Add Luxury to Your Life at Home

Floral Arranging. Woman doing floral arranging. Floral Arrangement

One thing I’ve learned with time is the importance to invest in things that make you happy.  With so many of us spending time in our homes how do we switch up?

It doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg but the intention and meaning behind these things or actions are so valuable.  I love bringing things to my life to add beauty and luxury.  Here are 5 easy ways to add a bit of luxury to your life.

Black woman holding bouquet of pink peonies. Black woman holding bouquet

Fresh Flowers

Adding flesh florals is an instant way to add color and luxury to your home.  I remember while away at college I would treat myself after acing a test to some fresh flowers.  It was an expensive treat for a college kid.  I promised myself that when I was older I would always have fresh flowers in my home.  It’s an instant pick me up.

Woman shaving legs wearing a silk robe
Wear a Silk Robe Around the House

Cloth yourself in this soft silky fabric to immediately elevate any night at home.  I love my pink silk robe and instantly feel like my net worth goes up as I watch Netflix on my couch.

Gucci Bloom Perfume, Floral Bouquet, Pink Peonies, Pink Ranunculus, Perfume collection

Wear Perfume You Save for Special Occasions

Don’t wait one second more to wear that fragrance you only whip out for an anniversary or date night.  Every moment alive is a special occasion and deserves to be treated as such.  So go ahead and dab some of the special scent to the nape of your neck.  You’re worth it. 

Lighting a candle, Decorating home, lighting a fire

Light Candles

Growing up, candles were associated to preparing for inclement weather. We never lit them unless the power went out during a hurricane.  I was missing out on all the vibes scented candles bring to your space.  Whether I’m working at home, watching TV or taking a shower; lighting candles have become a main part of my lifestyle.

There’s something about taking a bath by candle light that feels extra plush and so luxurious.  Add essential oils and flower petals to the water to elevate your bath time too.


Vinyl Records, Al Green Vinyl Record, Crosely Record Player

Play Jazz & Drink Wine While Cooking

Creating the perfect Jazz playlist took me years but it’s so worth it when you can just hit play, pour a glass of chianti red and whip up a delicious pasta dish at home.  Rich Auntie Vibes for sure.


Stay Lovely!

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