About Me

I’m Thamarr and you say that with a strong “T”!  Welcome to Musings of a Curvy Lady - my little fashion blog darling baby that I created in October 2012 as my personal way to rebel against the rules of fashion and society by doing something radical and revolutionary: loving myself and the body that I have and styling it well.

Starting out as a part-time hobby, blogging is my way of bringing some creativity back into my very analytical and critical world.  I’m a Progressive Care Nurse and blogging allows me to be that creative person that loves to style, write and inspire.

This platform is about inspiration, positivity, love, life, beauty and most importantly, inclusion.  I started Musings of a Curvy Lady as a way to promote my personal style and beauty without restrictions or bias.  I am fashion and bodies like mine should be seen and visible without shame.

I’m tired of waiting for the world to catch up and see the light: that fashion, life, love, health and everything good in this world is for EVERY BODY, so I decided to become my own light.

Thanks for visiting and as always ...

Stay Lovely,xx
My favorite:


Too Faced

Too Faced



Heart Jewel Earrings

Heart Jewel Earrings

Debossed Marker

Debossed Marker


a darling girl in a Cosmo world

Thamarr pronounced like Tah-marr


Marr, Ma, T

Most people would be surprised to learn that you hate

Shopping with others. That sounds mean but it’s true. Haha. I could never be a personal shopper.

The beauty product I can’t live without is:
  • A. Red lipstick
  • B. Mascara
  • C. Concealer
  • D. Black Eyeliner
  • E. Other Chapstick, because crusty lips aren’t lovely.
If you could have a song play every time you entered a room it would be:
  • A.Michael Jackson’s PYT
  • B. Bruno Mars’ Chunky
  • C. Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back
  • D. Beyonce’s Who Run The World
  • E. Other
If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be?

Beyonce. But hopefully we could go for lunch or dinner so she could get to know me so we could be IRL friends and then I’d be honored to take her multiple pictures for her Instagram.

What’s your favorite show to binge watch?
  • A. Stranger Things
  • B. Criminal Minds
  • C. Anything BBC
  • D. The Mindy Project
  • E. Other All of the above! I can’t choose. Each of these shows speaks to me…
Favorite Food:

Haitian Food and Cape Cod Cafe Pizza with burnt edges and chicken wings, fried hard and extra saucy

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. You can’t help anyone if you’re dead.

What’s your talent?

My talent is that I appreciate the talents of others and let them know it. Oh and I’ve been told I’m the best hugger around.

On my bucket list: