My Housewarming Party + Why You Should Hire My DJ for Your Next Event

The process of buying a home is so stressful on it’s own but throw in life’s curveballs and well I was ready to pull out my hair and call it quits by the end of it.

The fact that I got through the home buying process solo was enough reason to celebrate but I wanted to have a special day with everyone that I love, the ones that prayed for me, gave me advice and helped me get through it all.  That’s why I knew wanted to throw an epic housewarming party to say thank you to all of them.

I wanted it to be a real party where my friends could let loose and dance.  When searching for a DJ I knew it would be the key to making the party seamless and enjoyable for all.  No lulls of awkward silence when trying to transition to the next song.

My friend Carla suggested Generation Y Entertainment — her friends from college had started their own music entertainment company and have been killing it on the wedding vendor scene here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Generation Y Entertainment is made up of husband and wife duo and new parents, Caleb and Charlee Stoner.  They are the experts in bringing the party minus the cheese to any wedding or event.

I was beyond fortunate that they were interested in gigging my party since they mostly do weddings.  After I talked to Charlee and Caleb I knew they would help make my event more than just a housewarming — it was going to be a house party!

Charlee is the organizer and Caleb, the innovator and after a few phone calls, emails and text we were on the same page and knew the feel of the party.

Caleb was totally on board with keeping the music clean, hype and enjoyable.  My friends are a pretty eclectic group varied in age and I just didn’t want to worry about any embarrassing lyrics while hosting.

We talked about some of my must have songs and I was just so thankful for Caleb’s expertise because I’ve never had done this before.  He totally made me feel secure and trusted him.

The day of the party Caleb came to set up his gear and brought his equipment that totally goes with my personal aesthetic and made the party legit.

Pink uplighting anyone?!

He thought of little things that made me feel special and cared for as a client.  He made sure everyone was having a good time and was comfortable– he even helped out with putting out chairs.  Just a good guy, you know!

When the party got started he interacted with my friends getting people on the dance floor and having time for me to come up and thank all of my guest.

I loved that he wasn’t all business and he genuinely enjoyed himself and even got on the dance floor for a little battle between the guys and the girls.  The guys won because of his amazing Dougie skills.

All I can say is that I had the best time at my housewarming party and a huge part of that was because of Generation Y Entertainment.  I can only imagine what they can provide for a bigger event like a wedding or an anniversary party.

All of my friends said that the party was lit and the music was poppin’ and there is no way I can take the credit.  Thank you Caleb and Charlee for helping make this big moment something I will never forget!

Visit Generation Y Entertainment on Instagram and on their website!



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