My Trip to San Luis Obispo with Lola & Ivy


This trip was one for the books! I was in San Luis Obispo last week with my agency to celebrate a year of big wins and catch up. Let me take you through the pages of my week, turning this into your personal San Luis Obispo Travel Guide: What To Do In SLO.



🛫 Travel Day 🛬

When I was on the plane, I woke up to the prettiest sunset and got my bags… I may have overpacked…


I rolled into our hotel around 11 pm PST, or should I say, 2 am EST – your girl was definitely feeling the time difference! Exhausted as I was, the first order of business before getting to bed was unpacking and sanitizing my room. I’m all about having my things neatly arranged outside the suitcase, you know? It just feels better when everything’s in plain sight.


🌸 Day One: Settling in & Dinner with the Lola Girls 🌸

I started my day off with a morning workout to get the energy going! After I ate, I came back to the sweetest gift from Lola & Ivy.

After a day of settling in and exploring the area, I returned to my room to get ready for dinner. The vibes were totally reminiscent of ‘Musings of A Curvy Lady’ circa 2014.

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🌸 Day Two: Sunrise Soiree & Winery Hopping 🌸

This was our first day of full events and our first event was a Sunrise Soiree hosted my The Sis Kiss. Here is the look of the day!

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The event was a visual treat! —lots of pastel colors, balloons, and flowers. All the girls, including me, were wearing spring-inspired outfits, and it just added to the whole scene. The place had a chill and happy atmosphere, and the food was great too. Thanks to The Sis Kiss for putting together such a beautiful brunch!



After a quick ride, we headed off to the wine tour! 🍷




We can’t ignore the fit, of course.

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We also visited Daou Vineyards. This vineyard was absolutely stunning. Women were hand-painting wine bottles for us, the men were FINE and the wine was divine! 🥹



We had dinner in their wine cellar, I was totally in love with it! Huge thanks to Daou Vineyards for having us and making it so special!



🌸 Day Three: Marfarm + Sequins Glam Dinner 🌸

This day had me channeling the country girl vibes I’ve always dreamed of. I threw on my boots, and off we went.



We headed to Marfarm SLO, a charming farm where you can immerse yourself in the full farm experience. When we got there, they had puppies! Some of the girls even adopted a pup! 🥹




Thank you Marfarm SLOs for giving us this amazing experience.

Now, let’s get into the dinner look for our Glam Sequins Dinner Night! ✨



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It was such a fun and lovely night with the girls👯‍♀️✨


🌸 Day Four: Morning with Managers 🌸

Okay, this day was unbelievable. I woke up to meet my manager, who had a surprise excursion for us… WHALE WATCHING! I was shocked, but couldn’t wait because whales are so beautiful— I tear up every time I see them.


After this incredible adventure, it was time for wine and appetizers at Region SLO Wine Bar. We later on walked through the farmer’s market and had dinner at Nate’s on Marsh. Let me tell you, I wished I had another stomach to devour all of this amazing food. Hands down, the best meal I had on this trip


What an incredible four days in San Luis Obispo! It was a perfect blend of catching up with my girls, trying out new experiences, and getting some much-needed rest. A huge shoutout to Lola & Ivy for orchestrating this entire trip and always being the best cheerleaders for me. To another year of wins! 🥂



Stay Lovely!

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