Grecian Holiday

After months of working crazy hours at the hospital and forgoing a social life for what felt like forever I was finally able to take a holiday and spend two weeks in Greece with my friends!  This trip has been years in the making — like seriously since I was a little girl with my weird infatuation with Uncle Jessie and his Greek roots but more specifically ever since I met my best friend who happens to call Athens, Greece her hometown.

We spent a week in the ancient city of Athens seeing the sights, eating the food and soaking in the rich culture and hitting a few beaches.  Then it was time to relax and straight up chill so we spent a week on the island of Santorini (it’s an inactive volcano)!  Our holiday itinerary included eating crepes beachside, drinking Amstel Lemons (so delicious), getting massages on black sandy beaches, work on my chocolate girl tan — and repeat.  It was an amazing experience which I can’t put into words although I try… I always keep a handwritten journal when I travel.  It’s fun to read back your experiences whether good and bad.
So I’ve decided to do a couple of posts so that I can break up all the pictures I took over 1,000!  Here are a few from my first days in Greece!
View from my ferry ride headed to the island of Evia.
A view of Greek country side.  All those trees are olive trees!
Lunching it in the Monastriaki before making the trek up to the Acropolis.
You know, just taking a break in the ruins of the Acropolis…
Temple of Athena
Dress ::: ASOS Curve
The city of Athens from the Acropolis.
I love how the ruins are in the middle of the major shopping/dining center!  That’s the Acropolis in background –NBD!
Greek Graffiti
Grabbed a few of these as gifts! SO cute.
Ended the night at the Limni Lake … Gorgeous is not even the word!
Stay tuned for more photos!!! Thanks for reading!
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