Well hello there 2014,  I'm really hoping that you are as awesome as 2013...

A lot has happened this past year both good and bad but mostly good.  I can't complain.  When I take a moment to look back on what I've been able to do, see, and create I have to stop to fix my face --- like literally stop to fix my expression because I know I have that cheesy goofy looking smile on my face looking into space (you know the one you get when you remember something that made you so happy.)  My goofy expression is there for good reason.  I mean in one year I have been able to accomplish being a full fledge fashion blogger celebrating my one year bloggiversary back in October (who woulda thunk?!)  I was able to take a trip of a lifetime with my best friend to Greece.  I got see my boyfriend Justin Timberlake perform live in concert,  TWICE!  Getting asked to be part of the Katie Couric show was pretty awesome.  Making the top 10 for Navabi's Curvy Blog of the Year and getting a fashion feature in Redbook Magazine are just some of the highlights that made 2013 so amazing.  I only hope that with continued hard work,  staying humble, and surrounding myself with only the best of friends and family will make 2014 just as stellar.  But at the end of the day all of it doesn't really matter.  Don't get me wrong... all the shoes, the hair, the clothes and the bling are all very nice but they are all just accessories that dress the woman that I am.  The person that I am on the inside continues to grow spiritually and creatively and that is how I truly measure my success.
Here are my top 13 looks of 2013.  Fashion is full of misses but these are my favorite hits.  Play on playa...
Thank you for an amazing year!
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