Wear & Share

In today's world we share practically everything about ourselves through photos via social media.


Pictures of our lunches, our manicures, our latest buys, our favorite memes and as a fashion blogger I share my favorite outfits routinely.  It's a great opportunity to connect and reach out to people worldwide not to mention get inspired — but some people may feel pressured to wear something brand new every time they snap & post a picture of themselves on Instagram.

It's like an Insta- Fashion Faux Paux...


Listen, I'm not afraid to wear and share a post on Instagram featuring something I've previously styled.  I'm not rich and I'm definitely not the late Princess Diana — she's like the only person that I could think of that never repeated an outfit in her lifetime but things have changed.  Even Princess Kate has become well known for recycling & restyling her outfits to attend events where she is guaranteed to be photographed.

So what's the big deal?


I mean if a Princess can repeat an outfit to attend a major event I think it's totally okay to wear my tutu twice in one weekend.





Top ::: Jessica London (old)

Skirt ::: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (sold out)

Pumps ::: Deb c/o

Clutch ::: Dorothy Perkins (old)


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