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Santorini Send Off

So it goes without saying that I miss being in Santorini — obvy (short for obviously).  I miss being lazy and just worrying about what kind of drink I would try next.  I could have easily stayed on the beach,  all day.  But that’s just it — when you’re on vacation you can easily become so content with just staying mellow that you might miss out on some amazing experiences if you don’t force yourself out of your holiday routine.  So my friends and I dragged ourselves from our lounge chairs and beach umbrellas and headed back to the hotel to get pretty for the night.  I’m so glad we did because 1). it gave me the opportunity to wear and outlandishly Greek getup in public.  When my friend came to my door and saw what I was wearing she said and quote “Yeah, no one is going to be looking at you tonight.” Got to  love her!)  Secondly, I would have missed out on seeing the real Santorini — when the sun goes down.

This sweater from Asos (similar here) was perfect for the cool breeze in the late afternoon.
My little corner on Perissa Beach, Santorini
Working on my “Chocolate Girl Tan”
Dress ::: ASOS
Olive Leave Crown ::: handmade DIY project

Rooftop view
Entrance to a bar in Fira, Santorini
Town of Fira, Santorini
 We walked around the town of Fira and had dinner surrounded by the lights and sounds of the island.  It was simply amazing.  The sight alone was literally breathtaking.  We ate at a cute restaurant called Don & Donna — it was dreamlike and the food… oh my word the food!  If you are ever there you must have their cabornara — it was absolutely ahhhmazzzing! 
Dinner at sunset
Don & Donna’s Cabornara
Shining bright with my bestie!

As the realization of our time in Santorini was coming to an end it was hard to think about going back to Athens.  All good things must come to an end so with our last days in Greece we intended on spending it beachside with drinks and good food — you know the usual.

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0 thoughts on “Santorini Send Off

  1. yes, i really wanted that dress so bad, it sold out really quickly, bahhhh!!! the pictures ae breath taking, you looked so beautiful – you and your bestie!!!