New York Minute

 The hustle and bustle of the city that is New York is unlike any other.  Growing up in the greater Boston area I consider myself a city girl with a generous amount of street savoir faire but the rules change when you enter Manhattan --  as if you are traveling not within the USA but to   another country with it's own set of rules and etiquette.  Every time I come here I am more determined to master the beast that is NYC but always have fun in the process of learning the city's language.  It always amazes me how you can have new and very different experiences coming to the same place.

In one weekend I packed a lot in: I managed to visit my friend who has recently relocated to Brooklyn, reunite with my european travel buddies (we all met on our tour group two years ago in London and happened to be all in NYC this weekend), do a little shopping, ate at a variety of tasty eateries including a fab lobster bar in SoHo, drooled over Orlando Bloom sitting front and center at his play Romeo & Juliet,  all the while forming tighter bonds and making new memories with my friend and travel buddy Liz.  It was so busy I hardly had time to take outfit pics but if you are on Instagram you can follow me (@ladyfigure) and see what I wore along with my many escapades in the city.  I did get the opportunity to shoot at the MET with Liz and can't wait to share those photos with you so stay tuned.   Here are a few shots of one of the days I spent in NYC.

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NYC Sunshine
Epic beauty of Central Park
Jazz in the Park
LG -- The photog being photographed
Yellow Cabs & Autumn Leaves - Central Park
Honest Abe & and a Curvy Babe
Our Hotel - Marriott New York Eastside
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