Hot Girl Fall

This look reminds me of a cup of smooth, rich hot chocolate.  The real deal hot chocolate – not that watered down powdered packet stuff.

I’m talking about that chopped chocolate bar, whisked with butter, cream and milk, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Now that’s a hot chocolate. 🔥 

I used to be afraid of being washed out wearing chocolate brown but including different colors of the same warm color family helped create depth and texture and keep my rich melanin intact.

Now that I have my Fall wardrobe together I just need Florida to drop at least 30º so I can actually wear my fab layers without breaking a sweat.

A cold weather getaway is so necessary.  Now just have to figure out where?


Stay Lovely!

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3 thoughts on “Hot Girl Fall

  1. You look good in everything you model. But this to me is the best. The rich colors head to toe say Fall is here. Awesome! 🙂