There were so many “wow” moments during my Alaskan Cruise with Princess but one that definitely took the cake was our day sailing through the majestic and awe inspiring Glacier Bay National Park.

Princess Cruises is one of the few cruise lines that has the exclusive privilege to sail through these ancient waters.  It was such a treat to see these natural world wonders up close.  Glacier Bay National Park is protected under UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers millions of acres and containing seven tidewater glaciers along with mountains and deep fjords.

It was like being in my own personal episode of National Geographic.  We started our day early once the park rangers on board Majestic started commentary on the bridge as we sailed into Glacier Bay. We got to enjoy around 8-hours in Glacier Bay National Park cruising by spectacular scenery with one hour spent at the face of Margerie Glacier.  This was absolutely breathtaking and you heard a lot of “wow”s echo along the balconies.

Park rangers are also available on the open deck to answer any questions you may have which I thought was so neat.

I had an amazing view right from my balcony so I ordered breakfast to our stateroom and enjoyed it as I took in the otherworldly views.  It’s not everyday you see a world wonder with your morning coffee.

It can be quite chilly so make sure you wear comfortable layers as you take in the views from your stateroom or on the top deck.  I also suggest bringing binoculars so you can zoom in and see the texture of the glaciers up close.  You will also be completely astounded by the roaring sounds of rushing water escaping the glaciers.  It’s quite a sight to see.


Learn more about cruising with Glacier Bay National Park and more of Alaska’s glaciers and natural wonders here.

Stay Lovely!

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