Thrifted Limeade

There’s a little story behind this bright lime colored winter coat of mine.  Well technically it’s my mother’s but that’s only a technicality because I’ve since borrowed it — permanently.  

She is a notorious thrifter and as a young child who was unappreciative of the ways of the thrifter I hated anything preowned — I wanted it new new.

Not that I got my way of course.  You could catch me on a regular basis wearing my mom’s thrifted finds — like the one year I rocked a galore of silk Gap blouses my mom scored.  I literally had one for every day of the month — forget the week! But it so happened that on one of these thrifting trips my mom purchased this gem of a coat.

At the time I thought it was absolutely disgusting.  The putrid green was too bright, garish and unappealing to my naive and untrained eye.  Oh and when she decided to actually wear it out in public?!  I would beg my mother to wear something else because it was just too bright.

My mom simply told me if I don’t like it don’t look.

She was right and she taught me an important lesson that day. Fashion is personal — it’s an individual’s ability to express themselves and there is no right or wrong way to do that.  Some may not like your cup of fashion tea but that’s their problem – not yours.

My mother wasn’t going to let the opinion of her sassy curvy kid or anyone else sway her from rocking her vintage thrifted limeade coat — and I totally dig that about her.

So a few years ago when my mother was moving to Florida we rediscovered the limeade coat while packing.  We laughed reminiscing of the memories we had made together while she wore the coat and packed it away and sent it off to Jacksonville with the rest of our stuff.

While I was visiting her over winter break from school I had forgotten to bring a decent winter coat with me — I didn’t realize how cold it could get here in Jacksonville so mom pulled out the limeade coat and said to wear it while I was there.  Years had passed since I first laid my eyes on the bright spectacle and although it’s color hadn’t changed my feelings toward the coat did.

I completely was in love and eager to wear it.  Since then my mother hasn’t seem to be able to find her old thrifted limeade.  I wonder why …  

Coat ::: My mother’s (stolen by me)
Striped Shirt ::: Kohl’s
Boyfriend Jeans ::: Torrid
Pumps ::: BooHoo
Envelope Bag ::: Zara (old)
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