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Spot Her for Endometrial Cancer

As women, over time it’s expected that we learn lessons that will benefit our health, wellbeing and overall safety.  When we were younger it was, “eat all your veggies,” “don’t talk to strangers,” or “look both ways before you cross the street.” 

As we got older we learned to always let someone know when you’re going on a date, how to balance your checkbook and how to give yourself a breast exam.

But one lesson that I’ve learned as a nurse from the last 13 years is the importance of advocating for my patients, myself, family and friends; especially when it comes to our health.

Black and White Models, Friends Modeling together

That’s why I’m really excited to share with you the Spot Her for Endometrial Cancer (EC) campaign.  Endometrial cancer is one of the most common yet under-recognized women’s cancer and it’s on the rise. 

So FORCE, SHARE Black Health Matters and Eisai partnered to launch Spot Her—an initiative to help end the silence around endometrial cancer and inspire women to listen, to advocate, and to put her health first.

Many women with EC reported symptoms that were often stigmatized and dismissed. The more I learned about the stats around EC I wondered why more women weren’t talking about it.  Especially Black women.

The 5-year survival rate of EC among Black women is 62% compared to 83% of White women in the U.S.

Working in healthcare for over 13 years, I’ve seen first hand the lack of resources and advocacy for minorities and marginalized people. 

Bringing awareness about this disease may help save the lives of your loved ones and yourself.  It’s all about speaking up and advocating for yourself and for them.  

Friends hugging, Black girl smiling

Being vocal can empower you and the women in your life to help spot potential early signs and symptoms and to take action.

(Some common signs of endometrial cancer may include: abnormal bleeding, spotting, or brownish discharge after menopause, as well as irregular or heavy bleeding in women before menopause, and pelvic pain or pressure. These are not all of the possible symptoms of endometrial cancer, and it’s important to discuss any symptoms of concern with your doctor.)

I was moved to be a part of this campaign not just because I’m a nurse, but also as a Black woman, nurse and Daughter, Sister, Friend and person with a platform and audience predominately made up of women.

I want to share more than the latest trends but also share resources that may help continue to shine a light on the rise of EC.

To put the spotlight on endometrial cancer, the Spot Her initiative is using a fanny pack as an awareness symbol for this disease.

People can help raise awareness or show their support by sharing a photo wearing a fanny pack or using a digital version (which can be found on on social media and tagging women in their lives they pledge to spot.

For every post shared using #SpotHerforEC, Eisai will donate one dollar (up to $20,000) to FORCE and SHARE which provide crucial support for women living with endometrial cancer.

Head to to learn more about the signs and symptoms of Endometrial Cancer and watch the video below to learn how you can take the SpotHer Pledge.


This post was developed in collaboration with Eisai Inc.

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