Winter Watermelon

Hello Beauties,

We are well into 2013 and nothing seems to be slowing down for me — which is a good thing.  I like to keep busy with meaningful projects, friendships and trips.  2012 was pretty great but I’m looking forward to make 2013 even more stellar.

I sometimes get into a rut with styling during winter months usually wearing black from head to toe.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, wearing all black is a classic look and very flattering to the curvy silhouette but just like the dreary dark skies that have been looming over Jacksonville lately it can kind of get a girl down. A quick way to instantly change your mood is the use of color.  Even Van Gogh used particular color pallets to depict his mood in his work, so why not use the same concept in order to reflect how you feel.  Without a word what you wear and how you wear it speaks volumes about who you are and how you are feeling.  The combo of a lime green and hot pink inspired warm summer days eating sweet watermelon to come to mind.  Even if we have a few more months of winter’s cold warm wishful thinking can’t hurt.

Dress :: JCP 
Coat :: Formerly owned by my mother
Shoes :: ASOS
Bag :: old
Belt :: CK from another dress
Feeling Blue:  Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, painted while he was in an asylum in Saint Remy, 1889
Mellow Yellow:  One of Van Gogh’s stills of Sunflowers, 1888.  The use of bright yellows depicts vibrant life in full bloom and the wilting browns symbolize death.

This entire outfit cost me a total of $10!  I scored the dress free — that’s right, free!  (Thanks to some doubling up on some coupons at JCP.)  The coat was stolen from my mother’s closet and all the accessories were things I already had in my closet.  The shoes were purchased on super sale from ASOS and that was my only expense.  That fact alone makes me happy but the major use of color seconds that emotion.

Thanks for reading and as always
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Stay Lovely,