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As I mentioned before this past weekend I covered the Ashley Stewart All White Event and the fashions were fierce.  The all white collection was showcased by the sultry models of Dangerous Curves, a locally based production company and modeling agency founded by Karen Washington.  Originally started as a program for workshops to inspire the curvy woman to become their own health and beauty advocates, it soon became much more.  “The women were looking at me with concern, like ‘Now what?!'” Karen recalls,  “There was much more to be done.”  The community, confidence and strength that were fostered in the few short weeks of that first workshop needed somewhere else to grow and that’s when Dangerous Curves really began.   When asked what body acceptance meant to her Karen quickly responded “It’s a reality!  We are not all made the same way.  How boring things would be if they were!  Beauty comes in a shapes and sizes and Dangerous Curves showcases that reality.”

It’s a honor to be in such great company of confident and beautiful women.  Amongst her models, who Karen lovingly calls her “babies” there is such great range in sizes and shapes which is the reality of the American girl.  I got a chance to see how things were behind the scenes and no cat fights or jealous banter could be found amongst the models.  I love the sense of community, mutual respect and encouragement that Ashley Stewart and Dangerous Curves promotes.    Let’s face it, when it comes to fashion, or our relationships with men, or our hair, our bodies, whatever it is — women tend to hate and bring down one another, but why? Especially when its so clear that we all benefit when we decide to learn from each other and improve for the better.  We can do this if we simply collaborate — vibing off of one another’s experiences and ideas and ultimately along the way come to a better sense of self — fully aware and comfortable in the now while still nervously anticipating the future that is our untapped potential.   
I am also hopeful for the bright future for Dangerous Curves and that they meet their ultimate potential which is to be invited to Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC.  With Karen Washington, a first class act behind this curvy movement,  I’m sure it will happen. 

For more info on outfits featured in this post go to www.ashleystewart.com for a location nearest you.  Also a big thank you to Don Mills of DM Signature Photography for the photos!

Paired my all white Ashley Stewart Dress with all gold accessories & heels.
DC Model and Ashley Stewart Associate Ebony Jackson
With President & CEO of Dangerous Curves, Karen Washington
Posing with the Models of Dangerous Curves! Fabulous!


Thanks for everyone that came out last weekend and as the official blogger for Ashley Stewart River City I will keep you posted on future shows!  Have a great weekend!
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