Table for One

Today I found myself reflecting on how much I have grown from my high school self — more specifically my high school self during lunch time.  At my high school (Brockton High – GO BOXERS!) lunch time was the highlight yet most overwhelming high capacity social interchange of the day.  No, seriously there were three different lunch periods that would occur in four separate buildings to accommodate the almost 5,000 kids that attended school there.  But with all the people in school you would think that you would never have to worry about ever sitting alone during lunch.  Or so you would think.

I remember the fear I had of feeling and being viewed as a social outcast if I were to eat lunch alone even though on the outside I may have appeared as the well adjusted, charismatic, studious self-assured high school student.  But why was I so self-conscious of this when I had plenty of friends and got along with people from all the social cliques?  The Breakfast Club? Society? Genes? Who knows,  I’m just glad that I got over it sooner than later, (I was 18 and just started my freshmen year of college).  Some people never get over that fear.  I remember when I was in college that some people would rather eat alone in their dorm rooms to avoid being seen eating in the cafeteria by themselves.  I’m sure adults in the work place can find themselves succumbed to this moronic idea; that eating by yourself during lunch somehow defines you as a loser.   Well it’s just not true! — When in actuality it shows that you are confident and a self assured individual not in desperate need to have a body fill the seat across from you in order to feel comfortable while eating your meal.

But even with all that said, the most confident people still struggle with this idea.  Even the charming and confident Carrie Bradshaw (yes, I’m referring to a SATC episode), she too had to overcome her fear of eating alone in public.  It’s one of my favorite episodes to see the gutsy and independent journalist battle with the concept in swanky restaurants and eateries of NYC masking her insecurities with props like a book or a cell phone to avoid the unashamed reality: she was eating alone in public.  Is it that big of a deal?  Do we really care how others view us while we are taking our 30 minute lunch break?

If you do struggle with this I encourage that you challenge yourself.  Dare yourself to eat alone in public – whether you’re in school or at work or you simply want to spend some quality time with yourself.  Try to relax and enjoy the moment because most likely and in the very near future your time will no longer be yours alone and quickly filled with life.  So ditch the book — don’t hide behind your IPad or smartphone and embrace the absence of clutter and enjoy lunch.

Table for one outside of Zoe’s Kitchen :: Spinach & Chicken Wraps with pasta salad : ) yummy!
I later met up with a friend who was able to snap a few outfit pics!
Denim Jacket :: Lane Bryant
Hi Lo Dress :: ASOS Curve
Belt :: Old
Fringed Booties :: Shoe Dazzle (Cost $11!)
Alone Together <3
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