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Shopping for plus size curves can be frustrating because it may seem that all of the cute and trendy styles come only in size 0-12.  The plus size fashion industry has come leaps and bounds as far as offering the curvier woman more stylish options but I have learned over the past few years a very enlightening notion.  Just try it on.  I have too often dismissed the idea of wearing something because I fear my 3XL bum won’t fit in straight sizes.   But you never know until you try.  Following other bloggers like GabiFresh, Garner Style & Nicolette Mason who frequently feature straight sizes on their curvy bodies is inspiring.  I have learned to stop stressing and just start dressing.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big advocate for dressing fashionably for your body regardless of what number is on that square little tag but with that being said what works for one plus sized body might not work for another.  It’s a process of learning what works and what looks good on you.  I don’t suggest squeezing yourself into something and thinking just because the zipper zipped that it will work.  Here are my Three M’s that will help you curvy ladies shop straight.

Measurements:  Your body is unique so make sure you have a realistic idea of what will work for you.  Knowing your measurements will help make online shopping so much easier and stress free.  The small investment in a tape measurer will have a big impact on your shopping.   Have someone help you take your measurement for the most accurate numbers.

  • Bust – Place tape across your nipples and measure around the largest part of your chest
  • Chest – Measure under the bust
  • Waist – Place tape at the narrowest part of your waist or about 1/2 an inch above your navel
  • Hips – (They don’t lie) measure at the widest part of your hips and butt
Materials:  They are certain keywords to look for when shopping straight — like “stretch poly blend”, Spandex & Lycra.   These blessed materials have a little more give that can allow you to wear straight sizes.  It’s important to read the product information when shopping online.  It makes a big difference in fit.  Just imagine the difference between a pencil skirt made out of linen (which has little to no give) and a full skirt in scuba.
Merchants:  Know what stores provide options that will work for your plus size frame.  I have a few go to stores that I know I will have success with their straight sizes.  Old Navy, Top Shop, H&M, ZARA, Dorothy Perkins, River Island and my ultimate is ASOS.
ASOS has to be one of my favorite retailers because I can always go on their website and find something regardless of what fashion mood I’m in.  It can be dramatic, chic, trendy, classic, edgy, or romantic.  ASOS’ plus size line CURVE is full of beautiful pieces that can be remixed into your wardrobe for seasons to come.  But I have recently tapped into their straight sizes and have had great success with their scuba skirts.   The look below features an ASOS dress from their regular sizes.  I’m wearing a 14 and it’s a perfect fit for a dress that will get plenty of wear.  It’s easy to style and wear this spring and summer.  To help you get a head start on your spring wardrobe I’ve teamed up with ASOS to give you guys an awesome giveaway!  Make sure you like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram and tell me what your favorite item from ASOS or ASOS CURVE and how you would style it in a comment below! You can shop ASOS CURVE by clicking here:
Giveaway ends this Sunday March 31st!
Dress/ Wide Bracelet/ Sunnies ::: ASOS
Shoes ::: JCP (old)
Necklace ::: Shop Lately
Spiked Bracelet ::: Deb
Clutch ::: Bought in Greece
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