Pink Persuasion

I unexpectedly was canceled from working tonight at the hospital so I tried to salvage what was left of my day by getting up and getting dressed.  I met up with a friend for a quick drive to the park and then caught a flick at a local theatre.  At least the weather was beautiful as my slipping Sunday came to an end.  So with what little sunlight we had remaining my friend managed to get a few shots in.

I kind of just threw this outfit together not really deciding to dress with any particular vision, mood or reason and it turned out to be a palate of pinks.  It always surprises me how we can limit ourselves by over thinking about what we are going to wear, insistent on wearing those shoes or that blouse, or those pants.  Real style and ingenuity is being able to style a look with creativity with no set limits or restrictions.   Soft baby pinks intertwined with beige, mauve and subtle hints of green created a look of classy feminitity and delicacy that probably would never been styled together if I had been determined to wear a new pair of leggings I had in mind.

Remember to have fun with styling.  It shouldn’t be a stressful chore but an opportunity to communicate personal, wearable creativity.  So, those pair of jeans or that blazer that you haven’t worn yet — still hanging in your closettags still attached awaiting the perfect moment for it’s debut might be one way to reason on how to style yourself but don’t resist being persuaded to wear something else when a different look sparks in your mind — that’s creative personal style trying to push through.

Jacket ::: Kohl’s (old)
Top ::: came with another blouse (old)
Flower Print Jeans ::: Forever 21+ (similar)
Clutch ::: Vintage c/o Vintage Talks
Rose Gold Chrome Slingbacks ::: Shoe Dazzle (old)
Stay Lovely Signature
Stay Lovely,