Peach Perfect

I’m trying to break out of wearing the same type of outfit but it doesn’t seem to be working but then again why mess with a good thing.  Anywho –I’m loving how easy throwing on a full skirt can be in this summer heat — it can be instant glam and sophistication or it can be playful and feminine depending on how you wear it.  This time I kept it summer time pretty with peachy metallics and the 3D embellishments of the top are a fun addition to change it up a bit.

Charm Bracelet ::: Wet Seal c/o
“Oui” Ring ::: Charming Charlie
Stackable Rings ::: Deb c/o
Clutch ::: hm (old)
Top ::: Forever 21+
Skirt ::: ASOS (regular sizes)
Shoes ::: Shoe Dazzle (old but I love these and they are only $18)
As a fashion blogger I’m often approached by PR firms to be part of some new campaign to promote one thing or another that really doesn’t relate to me personally or to my message of positive body acceptance and self love.   So when I was going through my email a few weeks ago a subject line stuck out amongst the rest.  It read, Share Colbie Collait’s Message to All Women: Embrace Natural Beauty.
Of course I was immediately interested in finding out a little more about Colbie’s message.  I’m so glad I did, not only because it’s relatable but it’s really beautiful to see someone in an industry where your looks are equally if not more important than the actual talent, take the initiative in shining light on self love, body acceptance and natural beauty.  And doing it all as your first single off your new album as the main platform!  Pretty gutsy and amazing and I’m a total supporter of her movement.  Listen to the lyrics and you will totally understand.
Here are two links I wanted to share with you all!  First is Colbie Callait’s SnapVerse video where she talks about the inspiration behind her lead single — “Try”.  The lyrics to this song are beyond moving and it’s a message that I wholeheartedly support.   The video is a very powerful display about beauty ideals and self acceptance.  The message reminds me of what TLC did with Unpretty and what India Aire did with Video.  Music about being okay with yourself is needed and Colbie’s “Try” is like the 2014 anthem of self love!  Thank you Colbie for writing such an amazing song that touches everyone personally.
“Take your makeup off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror, at yourself
Don’t you like you?
‘Cause I like you”  
Stay Beautiful & 
Stay Lovely Signature
Stay Lovely,