Pants Free Summer

We are well into the heat of the Floridian Summer and that means hot days and breezeless humid nights.  So you can see why it’s so important to dress simple and as weather friendly as possible.  Usually I don’t let the weather dictate what I wear but it’s just been so hot I can’t justify wearing clothing let alone pants!  And since it wouldn’t be appropriate to don a bra and some spanx out in public — a simple maxi dress solves my wardrobe dilemma.


What are some of your go to summer looks?  Let me know how you stay summertime fashionable? I’d love to hear from you! xx
Maxi Dress, Earrings, Bracelet & Rings ::: Deb c/o
Purse ::: ASOS (old)
Sandals ::: Forever 21 (old)
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