Modern Day Marie

If there was ever a woman that was boldly vivacious with a serious issue of being overtly indulgent, extravagantly fashionable and fit for the fab life (and one of the reasons behind the demise of the French Monarchy and the provocation of the French Revolution)  it would have to be hands down Marie Antoinette —  the Last Queen of France.  Although Marie is often portrayed as the materialistic adulterous party girl of Versailles I have to admit that the girl was gutsy enough to be a no holds bar Queen — literally–  all the time regardless of extenuating circumstances.  I mean dominating Parisian fashion can’t be easy especially when you are building a palace for yourself as your people starve.  I’ve got to hand it to her to maintain her corset and pompadour lifestyle especially in the 18th century.  But then again Parisian style is two extremes to me — it can be the over the top show boating spectacle as it was for the French Royals or an understated, demure and romantic. Simultaneously it can consist of low end items or haute couture and still be very relatable, wearable and accessible to the people.


 I’ve always been obsessed with the way Carrie Bradshaw’s character was able to do that for me.  She was always over the top yet classically eccentric and I felt that with a little bit of tweaking I could replicate her looks.  If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning you know I’m kind of obsessed with Carrie’s American Girl in Paris outfits.  She created beautiful, lush, whimsical romantic wearable ideas of what Paris is like through the eyes of a hopeless city girl in love.  You might look at Marie Antoinette’s or Carrie Bradshaw’s Parisian style and think right away that this isn’t how people in the real world dress …  — stop right there and forget the rules of convention. True style is not limited by rules — it’s the opposite of conventional.  Of course there will always be an appropriate time and place for a tux or covered in jewels but it’s more fun playing dress up right on the line of unconventional drama. 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a great opportunity to observe how runway looks meet the real world.  It’s the mecca of how fashion enthusiasts from around the world hit the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris, showing off their personal style.  It’s also a place to learn, be surprised and have your senses piqued.  It’s where we get to see the progression from the birth of an idea to a sketched visual concept to physical design and finally styled on a body on the runway.  Style is brought to life during a fashion show but we the people are the ones that have the opportunity to make it really live when we interpret it in our own lives. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be rich and sport the big name labels to have a Marie Antoinette or Carrie Bradshaw closet –to me it’s about recreating the concept to make it more “Thamarr” or make it more you.  This look was inspired by the fabulous lush life of Marie Antoinette done with a modern twist to make it authentically me.

The tutu I’m wearing is from one of my favorite bloggers turned designers, Tanesha Awasthi of Girl With Curves.  She first debuted her holiday collection with these beautiful tutus back in November 2013 and they sold out immediately!  Thankfully there will be another chance to get your hands on this beautiful piece of clothing.  Tanesha will be releasing a limited quantity of her tutus soon so make sure you follow her on Facebook & Instagram to stay in the know!  Look out for more designs coming this Spring!

Photos by Elizabeth Golden of J’adore Studios
plus size tutu
Top (Dress turned into a top & very old)/ Heart Bracelet ::: ASOS (love this and this)
Tutu ::: Tanesha Awasthi
Shoes ::: Shoe Dazzle (old)
Earrings ::: Forever 21 (old)
Diamond Cocktail Ring ::: Torrid

“Oui” Ring / Stretchy Bracelets ::: Charming Charlie
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