King of Pop

Was it the one sparkly glove? Or maybe it was his ability to do all those 360 degree spins in penny loafers?  Maybe it was his transcending music that united people all over the world to take a look at the “Man in the Mirror”?  Well whatever the reason (and there are plenty of them) Michael Jackson is one the greatest entertainers of all time.  He’s totally my fave but I am biased…

If anyone has ever been to my mother’s house you already know that you’re going to walk in to find Michael Jackson’s music on continual rotation.  We seriously all love him and how could you not — the man had serious style.  So my adoration for the King of Pop is the inspiration behind this look.  I kept the ensemble simple (although MJ was anything but) by using a simple color scheme: true red, black and white.  I like creating wearable motifs with colors.  Sometimes people might say that sticking with one color is too matchy matchy  for one outfit but I see an opportunity to create great symbolism when color is used over and over. When I think MJ I automatically see a red leather jacket.  We all know that red leather jacket — it holds great music history in its seams.  So I kept that as my main color and wore a red boyfriend blazer, red glossy lips and a red handbag which made the red in my MJ graphic tee pop! (No pun intended). It didn’t take away from the outfit but it created something fun and visually appealing.

Blazer/Graphic Tee/Faux Leather Leggings :: Forever21
Bow Handbag :: Charming Charlie
Pumps :: Aldo
Cat Eye Sunnies :: MNG for JCP

Leopard Watch :: ASOS
Bracelet :: Charming Charlie
Alligator Bangle :: F21
Ring :: Private Gallery
Earrings :: Burlington Coat Factory
I adore the bow on this handbag.  Isn’t it so sweet but I love the true red color — makes it edgy!

In other news… I must say thank you, thank you, thank you — to all of you that read this blog and “liked” me on Facebook!  The support has been amazing and I am continually surprised and overwhelmed by how my little blog is being shared and loved by “you”.  So recently I reached out to one of these individuals on Facebook to personally thank them for following the blog.  Turns out this person works for an online magazine BBW Beauties and they want to feature me in next month’s issue in a segment called Blogger Spotlight!  Unreal –I can’t believe it!  It’s all because of you — the readers!  So, gracias, merci & thank you!  I will keep you posted on when the issue is up.  I still can’t believe it!

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