Crazy in Love

A few nights ago I felt like rummaging through my closet to do some major work, making piles for the yay, the nay and the donate.  I usually end up trying on practically everything in my closet which inspires possible outfits.  The Beyonce radio station on my Pandora was blaring in the background and I was jamming like nobody’s business.   I must say there is just something about strutting around your home to Queen B that makes you feel confident and sexy.  My look was inspired by one song in particular, Beyoncé’s first solo record Crazy in Love.  I remember watching the music video for the first time and being in complete awe of her female prowess, beauty and her talent for popping that booty.  Uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no… lol  I don’t even need to tell you how many nights my girlfriends and I would try to perfect that move.

Reminiscing of my lack of booty popping skills also got me thinking about what B wore in the video and how incredibly simple it was.  I broke it down and it consisted of 3 items that most of us have in our closets — jean shorts, a tank top and stiletto heels.  Genius really.  No big flashy accessories or bling.  So I slipped into my denim cutoffs, tank top and heels sans earrings, necklaces or rings.  It all came together and I’m so crazy in love with the finish product.
Tank ::: Old Navy
Denim Cutoffs/Sunnies ::: ASOS
Purse ::: Zara
Shoes ::: Just Fab
Lip Color ::: Ruby Woo
Fashion Inspo by Queen B
Today marks the one year blogiversary for Musings of a Curvy Lady!  I can’t believe I’ve actually made it to one year.  I honestly didn’t think I could keep up with blogging but I have some pretty amazing people in my corner that have my back.  I want to thank my family and friends that have only encouraged and supported me throughout this past year.  Special shout out to Jessie D, Pretty J,  Jeffrey, Shelby, Anh, Liz Golden, Nataly and Jelly!  It’s been a lot of learning and growing and I hope to continue writing and bringing fashion inspirations for the curvy woman to all of you.  To the readers of this blog — a major THANK YOU!  Thanks for sharing, liking, reposting, pinning and instagram-ing — You are so appreciated!  And as always …
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