Small details can take a simple idea and transform it into something completely new and different giving life and character to your outfit.  When shopping for clothes I always find myself drawn to these little things (bows, pleats, embellishments) that take plain garments and give it a touch of sweetness, femininity and ladylike charm.  Imagine the look below without the added details to the shoulders or the skirt. Or take away the patent leather bow heels and replace them with plain nude pumps.  It still remains a great look but those little bits of fluff create a delicate appeal that can only be described as sweet.

I’m always on the hunt for beautiful clothing that makes me feel like a lady without having all of my lady bits showing.  This can propose a challenge since a lot of plus size retailers either provide clothing to completely cover us up or showcase every single dimple (and I’m not talking about the ones on my face!)  Don’t get be wrong I own multiple body con dresses which can look amazing on but more often than not you will find me in a fitted & flared number.

Lately I have been obsessed with the delicate lace sleeves, crotchet tops, tulle dresses and pastel jewelry from Deb and now you can shop my favorite picks here.  Deb is always running an awesome sale so make sure to check back often.  If you’re shopping with them for the first time and worried about sizing I suggest sizing up.  It’s better to have something too big and have the ability to get it tailored than squeeze into something that just won’t give.

Photos by Kirstin Marie
Top ::: Deb Shops similar here
Skirt ::: ASOS Curve (old similar here)
Shoes ::: Go Jane (old similar here)
Vintage Purse ::: Fans & Stoves Antique Mall – Jacksonville, FL
Necklace ::: Shop Lately
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