Beach Dreams

Growing up in Massachusetts going to the beach was a seldom huge production that my parents didn’t enjoy participating in especially with their brood of five children so I really didn’t have much appreciation of the sandy environment.  It was just another activity to add to the list of things we didn’t do along with going to McDonald’s, skiing and golf.  But the thing is that we loved the water so my family and I spent many summer days at the local high school pool.  I’ve always wanted to be a beach person especially since Sweet Valley High and California Dreams were my fave TV shows.  To be honest the quality and styles of plus size swimwear did not excite me to hit the beach but since moving to Florida and the dramatic positive change in plus size swimwear over the last 3 years it’s been a dream and a real joy to take advantage of having the sandy shores only 30 minutes away.


Whether you choose to don a one piece or a bikini I hope you all — the fat, the thin and the in-between, get out there and enjoy the water.  The one thing that I’ve learned in the twenty something years I’ve been a fat girl is that the ocean doesn’t care how much you weigh or whether you have stretch marks and cellulite.  There’s plenty of room for you and all your curves so jump in!  You never know if there is a beach person inside that’s just been dying to make their debut in the perfect swimsuit to finally get their feet wet!
Totally want to do this next time!
Egyptian Pyramids in Florida
Tank/Shorts (similar)/Sandals ::: c/o Deb
Sunnies ::: Bought in Greece last summer (similar)
Earrings ::: old
Bathing Suit Top/Bottom ::: Forever 21+
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