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Okay so we are on the precipice of the hottest most stress inducing season for females everywhere — summertime!  All across the nation the prep and grind has already begun (some women start as soon as the ball drops on New Year’s) to attain bikini worthy beach bodies.    It’s commendable to push your minds and bodies to the limit to achieve an ideal body weight or look.  It’s even encouraging when it’s done with the right motivation.  But do I have to to hide my body in shame because we have different ideas of what type of body is worthy of wearing a two piece?  Why can’t we enjoy and be proud of the body we have now whether we are in the process of change or not.  I’m not trying to condone a sedentary lifestyle or obesity but I’m also not going to let society dog me or shame me either into hiding my body in a moo moo because it’s not what the CW thinks is beach body material.  This is my body and I’m at the beach therefore it is a beach body.  I’m all about self love and acceptance so if that means that you’re going hardcore doing two-a-days and counting calories or if your showcasing what you’ve got (cellulite and all) I’m an avid supporter!  Life is too short to spend our time hating our bodies or waiting for someone else’s approval to define our beauty.  Honestly “they” may never accept your body but don’t you think you should since it is your body after all.  It hasn’t always been easy but I am thankful that I have come to accept myself — belly jelly and all.


Having a cute bathing suit for summer helps too!  Plus size swimwear has definitely gotten a facelift over the last 3 years.  After years of limited choices designed to mask and cover up our bodies, companies like Swimsuits For All,  Simply Be and Forever 21 have offered the curvy girl something to look forward to when shopping for bathing suits this season– flattering options!  Who would have thunk that a fat girl wants to look good and feel sexy at the beach?
While not every curvy girl might not feel comfortable wearing a fatkini, I hope you get out there at least and enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.  Remember that there will always be haters and people ready and waiting to pick at your flaws but you must be ready to pick yourself up and love what you have even if you have to fake it at first.   Eventually you will see that your fat is not an all encompassing defining flaw but just another facet, a feature amongst other features that makes you,  you.
Bathing Suit ::: Forever 21+ (no longer available)
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