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I hope you’re well!  I’m a little delayed with publishing this latest post because of the hectic week it’s been.  After the bombings in my hometown of Boston and a week long worth of worrying about my friends and family I just couldn’t  get around to it and in all honesty it just didn’t feel right doing an outfit post when the city was on edge.  Please continue to send your prayers and support to the city I love and will always call home.  #BostonStrong

When tragedies like what happened in Boston occur it may inspire us to make declarations of love to our friends and family that we may all too often neglect in expressing our sincere appreciation for.  It’s important to tell and most importantly show the people in your life how much they mean to you and how you appreciate the role they play in your life — big or small.  It doesn’t have to be much — a hand written note, taking time to break bread or in this case sipping tea together and chatting about the classics.

My friend Lexi is graduating from the University of North Florida and I’m so proud of her and the person that she is.  She’s beautiful, smart, funny, sassy and what I admire most is her self awareness and confidence.  Lexi recently cut her beautiful blond goldilocks and donated it to children with cancer.  At an age when most women are self absorbed with how they look and typically and blindly conform to society’s ideas of beauty, Lexi has made a decision that most young twenty something year old college grads would be hesitant to make.  Not letting her hair define her beauty she chops it all off. Big move?  Definitely.   Life changing?  A little.  I’m not saying that by cutting inches off her hair she became bright eyed with Solomonic wisdom but the motivation for her big chop does say something about the person that she is and the woman that she is becoming.  It also made me really think about making some changes…  Maybe I will be inspired to go natural…

Anywho — I thought it would be fitting to celebrate her upcoming graduation and her shiny new English degree with a spot of tea at Ashes’ Boutique and Tea Room near Jacksonville Beach.  Of course I took the opportunity to wear a fanciful hat.

Hat :: Dillard’s
Dress :: Forever 21+
Clutch :: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes :: ASOS
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