Monthly Archives: February 2014

Neon Bright

A well dressed woman will always get noticed for all the right reasons – regardless if she’s wearing a ball gown or a ball cap and sneaks.  …

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Bangle For Your Buck

Hey Everyone!  I’m finally feeling like a normal person again and so thankful.  I hate being sick because unlike most people that can work through their sniffles and body aches I am a complete wimp and it takes me at least a week of real rest to get back to Thamarr 2.0

Stay Lovely,…

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Bauble Head

Waiting for the weekend is hard enough but when it finally gets here and it’s absolutely beautiful out and you happen to be sick in bed —…

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Orange Blossom

One of the most frustrating things for me is to wake up to get dressed for the day and look around my closet and chair-drobe (I’ve accumulated quite a wardrobe on my bedroom chaise) and saying I have nothing to wear.  …

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